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Enviro-Deck Timber Oil Coating by Enviro Floors “Enviro-Deck” is an innovation that has proven to be another breakthrough in the modern world where probable alternatives are being searched on and a wide range of timber surface coatings, and finishes for timber giving you Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating product.

Having low VOC content, this oil coating agrees to be more environmentally friendly reducing contaminants that deplete the ozone layer. This also helps to have a healthier environment since it provides lesser toxic emissions in comparison to regular paint or oil-related coatings. In addition, it has a lesser impact on air adsorption and has a lower odour making it very suitable for homes, schools, hospitals, resorts, commercial buildings and other establishments.

Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating is suitably paired for 6 stars-rated green projects where sustainable building practice is observed along with lesser cost operations. The coating takes longer to adsorb thus benefiting the timber making it thoroughly and deeply coated. The chemicals in the coating decrease at a slow pace, making the timber last longer. Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck is an oil coating or finish for timber wood exterior surfaces. It is environment-friendly and applied for commercial or domestic areas. This specially created oil formulation has Enviroshield technology that is very unique and withstands all conditions of weather giving complete protection for the wood.

Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck has proven remarkable for its durability. It has a semi-transparent finishing effect that is long-lasting. It is a timber oil coating that effectively enhances the timber grain’s features. Without apparent danger of blistering, cracking and peeling, it naturally weathers in time. It is fast drying with very low odour emission.

Our deck finishes are recommended for properly prepared timber surfaces. Use Enviro Floors deck finishes on brand-new timber substrates or slightly weathered, unsealed exterior timber surfaces. Enviro Floors deck coatings are suitable for timber surfaces such as:

  • Decks
  • Railings
  • Garage Doors
  • Shingles
  • Timber Roofs
  • Fences
  • Outdoor Timber Furniture
  • Walkways
  • Swimming Pool Decks
  • Pontoons
  • Jetties

Around pools, ramps, stairs and all wet areas you should mix Enviro-Grip into Enviro-Deck.


Below are Before and After photos of Enviro-Deck used on a Timber deck, pontoon and jetty.



Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating must be observably applied in environment temperatures ranging from 5°C to 32°C. If rain is expected in about 4 hours, do not use it. It would only be washed off. The surface must be completely dry before applying the coating.

Thinning the product will affect its quality and give an uneven coat that will be applied to the timber.

Occasionally stirring the product helps throughout the application. This will ensure the mixture has an even application on the wood or timber surface. For a product penetration and colour test, apply on a small area first before proceeding. Make sure it is a hidden one.

Use a nylon or polyester brush for more accurate and even coating throughout, and around edges. A lambswool is a recommended applicator for larger areas. Work along in small sections. Lightly saturate the surface and back-brush immediately or use a pad applicator for eliminating puddles. Remove the excess and distribute evenly the finish.

In preventing lap marks, apply the product to board lengths or end-to-end and we would recommend doing 3 boards at a time. All the while, maintaining a wet edge upon applying.

Surface failures such as cracking and peeling are due to over-applying the finish on the surface. Carefully observe not to apply ­the product too heavily. Applying 3 coats is advisable. Complete drying of each coat must be waited on importantly before the other coats are to be applied.

DRY TIME. After the first coat has been applied, wait for 4 hours or more to dry the surface before applying another coat and applying additional coats. Allow 72 hours to fully cure.

Enviro-Deck Low VOC Oil Coating Usage

Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating is suitable, particularly with 6-star-rated green building projects. Compared to other paint or oil-related coatings, this product showcases its eco-friendly benefits and high preservation of wood or timber materials. Hence, this timber oil coating can be paired with sustainable constructions and designs that practice sustainable building. Preparation of the surface is Important!

Timbers or wood that are to be coated with Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating must be clean and dry before the application. Full re-sand may be involved in the preparation to be completely disposed of the previous coating if there is any show. It is recommended to use the Enviro Floors Deck-Restorer on new bare timber surfaces followed by using Deck-Clean product and on grey weathered, previously coated wood or timber surfaces. This is to ensure no trace of coating is still on the timber. Once previous coatings were removed, Enviro Floors Deck-Restorer must be used to clean the surface.

It should be kept in mind that for Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating to function properly at its best, it needs to be able to penetrate the timber deeply. In situations where the wood has any surface sealant still present, a short time between recoating, retained moisture content or other barriers would inhibit this free diffusion. Therefore, these situations must be avoided or remedied satisfactorily in precedence to the application of Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating.


Starting from new materials, ensure that the timber to be coated is clean and dry. The glue in laminated timber or plywood may slowly inhibit the absorption of the oil. Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating can also be used on CCA and other timbers that have been already treated. However, timbers that were waxed and polymer processed, LOSP as such, require cleaning first with Enviro Floors Deck-Restorer product on new bare timber surfaces followed by using Deck-Clean product.


As reusing materials could also lessen the cost of operation, it is also suggestive. Stained, dirty, weathered or old timbers that could still be used should be prepared by first applying Enviro Floors Deck-Restorer. This would make the material look and be treated as new.  Then, a power rinse must be done with a high-pressure washer having a fan jet pattern set to not more than 750 p.s.i. (50 bar) to avoid damage to the wood fibre. Once thoroughly dry, application of 3 coats of Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating should be applied.

Eliminating biological growth by high-pressured water alone will not help, as it is natural and may damage the wood fibre. Coating it will preserve the timber longer, though. Sodium hypochlorite as bleachers harms the environment and may damage the timber’s quality. Avoid this compound, in cleaning the wood or timber.

Previously coated wood or timber with linseed oil, stains, paint, polyurethane, etc., must be first restored using Deck-Restorer before the application of Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating as this will also prevent the coating from seeping deep into wood or timber apply on a small area first before proceeding. Full re-sand may be involved in the preparation to be completely disposed of the previous coating if there is any show.

Application Technique

Keep contact with plants, trees, shrubs and waterways. Contamination is much more difficult to control than preventive measures.

Ensure the dryness of timber to be coated—with no more than 16% moisture content- enabling thorough diffusion of the coating into the timber.

For best results and more effectiveness, have one coat of Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating applied to all the faces of the wood precedent to construction. The second coating of Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating is applied after the construction’s completion. Second coatings should only be applied after the first coat has completely gone dry and has penetrated. The time Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating took in diffusing into the timber comes varyingly significant. It depends on the timber’s moisture content, aspect, species, porosity, and ambient temperature. Beams, posts, and logs- all of which are thicker will require additional finishes of Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating to obtain more adequate protection, as Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating has an accumulating effect in the timber wood with every application.

Liberally apply onto absorbent timbers with a brush, fabric mop, paint pad, or lambswool while removing sags and drips as necessary. Heavy coatings will only crack and peel. The more Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating is absorbed, the longer the finish lasts.

Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating leaves no lap marks. After three days and some areas have not yet dried, leave it longer to dry, or wipe it dry before permitting foot traffic on that particular deck or recoating. Have patience in drying. This will become significantly slower in winter or low ambient temperatures.

Water is used to clean pieces of equipment that have been used.


For common cladding and decking, the figures below represent averages typical for timbers such as Pine, Jarrah, Ironbark, Western Red Cedar, Ipe, Cumaru, Tiger Deck, Thermal Wood, and other Exotics.

Spread Rate – 10-14 Square Metres Per Litre (may vary)
Coats Required – 3 Coats Required
Clean-Up – Water

For disposal of empty containers and unused products drop them off at your refuse collection service.

To keep a hardwood timber deck or verandah looking its best, it must be kept clean and well-maintained. It is a good idea to inspect a hardwood timber deck or verandah at least every 10-12 Months to ensure that it is in good condition.

The deck or verandah must be regularly maintained as it may become discoloured or affected by moisture and weather. Inspect the deck or verandah to replace loose boards and protruding nails or screws. Any loose or damaged boards should be re-secured or replaced, loose nails hammered or punched back in or screws refixed.

If the deck has turned grey from natural weathering or is discoloured due to metal fillings or other construction materials, there is a large range of maintenance and cleaning products on the market that can bring back the timber’s original colour. Use with care and follow the deck finish manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Once cleaned, reseal the deck or verandah with Enviro Floors Deck Coating, depending on aesthetic preference. Before the decking finish is applied, cover areas around the deck that need protection such as plants and furniture. Drying times are dependent so check our manufacturer recommendations before walking on a newly finished deck or verandah. Apply and re-apply the decking finish as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

After a new timber deck or verandah has been built, or an existing deck or verandah repaired, thoroughly sweep and clean to remove metal filings from drilling, nailing or other construction that may cause black spots on the hardwood deck when exposed to the elements.

Below are Before and After photos of Enviro-Deck used on an old Timber deck.

If you scrape, sand or remove old paint, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. EXPOSURE TO LEAD DUST CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS, SUCH AS BRAIN DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD ALSO AVOID EXPOSURE. Wear an approved respirator to control lead exposure. Clean up carefully with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect yourself and your family by contacting the Lead Information Hotline at 1800 803 772 or go to this website:

Sanding or scraping pressure-treated timber may be hazardous; wear appropriate protection.

If you experience difficulty in breathing, leave the area to obtain fresh air. If continued difficulty is experienced, get medical assistance immediately. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with plenty of water for at least 15-20 minutes and get medical attention; for skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If swallowed, get medical attention immediately.

Keep out of reach of children – do not take internally.

Finished surfaces may become slippery when wet. Wait until the deck coatings are dry before walking on the deck.

Download Information on ENVIRO-DECK COAT | Deck Finishes and Coatings:

Enviro Floors ENVIRO-DECK OIL COATINGSafety Data Sheet (SDS)

Enviro Floors ENVIRO-DECK OIL COATING Product Information Sheet (PDS)

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