Indoor Line Marking by Enviro Floors sports floor systems.
Our court line marking is precise, accuracy to international standards.

Below are some of the Indoor Line Marking courts we do:
Basketball Courts
Netball Courts
Futsal Courts
Badminton Courts
Volleyball Courts
Wheel Chair Rugby Courts

Multi-sports Line marking of sports hard-court floor areas provides an acceptable alternative to individual markings. The following information provides some guidelines and recommendations on how this may be achieved.

For a multi-sports hall, a range of colours is required to avoid confusion. However, there are recognised colour schemes that are widely used. The general rule of operation is the faster the ball game the lighter the colour of the court marking.

Indoor Court line MarkingThere also must be an allowance for ‘run-off’ areas for different sports. It is important to ensure that the minimum space around the court is maintained for each individual sport. Any sport or local government attempting to save money by reducing court sizes is setting up the potential for future litigation. If space is limited, the governing body’s recommendations on run-offs should always prevail.

The width of the line for Basketball Court line marking 50mm, Netball Courts line marking 50mm, Futsal Courts line marking 50mm, Badminton Courts line marking 40mm, Volleyball Courts line marking 50mm, 
Wheel Chair Rugby Courts line marking 50mm.
Colours recommended for light timber sports floors are white, black, red, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, orange and yellow. Colours recommended for dark timber sports floors are white, yellow, red, light blue, light green and orange.
As a rule of thumb, the most frequently used sport is marked out in white, the second most played sport in yellow & black, followed by blue and red.