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Timber Deck Sanding and Re-Coating

Brisbane Timber deck sanding or verandah sanding or recoating services with Enviro Floors Enviro-Deck low VOC coatings.

There is no smell and maintenance is low meaning that the lifetime cost of product is reduced by along way.

Timber decks or verandahs look great sanded and coated with our Enviro Floors exterior deck coating. Remember though, that in our climate, most oil based coatings are high in maintenance plus have a large carbon footprint which is not long lasting and needs frequent re-coating.

After testing many different products we believe that the Enviro Floors decking system we use, provides a long lasting tough, durable and lustrous finish that protects the timber longer than ordinary finishes. This is because it has been developed to withstand the severe weather extremes of our sub tropical climate.

Sitting out on a beautiful deck at night with just the evening glow across the sky falling on the timber deck or verandah that has been treated with an Enviro Floors coating will bring out the passion in the timber decking.

The coating goes deep into the wood’s pores delivering superior adhesion to ensure maximum life and peel resistance, whilst the finish gives an attractive satin appearance. It resists moisture penetration and decay, providing exceptional UV protection against the suns harmful rays, thereby retarding the aging of timber.

Good timber decking looks stylish, blends well with the environment and suits traditional as well as contemporary architecture. It is a quality product that will last a lifetime and is therefore excellent value for money. It is easy to look after with our non toxic Enviro Floors coating.
Before applying Enviro Deck or Verandah finish to your timber deck or verandah we do adequate surface preparation. Just as you wouldn’t wax your sports car without thoroughly washing it first, you shouldn’t apply any sort of coating on a deck or verandah without adequate cleaning.

A timber deck needs regular maintenance, otherwise it risks becoming discoloured and affected by moisture, weathering and disintegration.

Depending on the amount of weather your deck or verandah receives and the type of product you’ve chosen to use, you should be looking to recoat every 6-18 months.Under ideal conditions, where the recommend preparation has been carried out, and the correct film thickness has been applied, Enviro Deck (Verandah) will last approximately 3 times longer than a traditional decking oil, depending on the degree of exposure of the timber to the elements (for example, a sheltered deck or verandah will last longer than a highly exposed beach house deck). 

Enviro Deck (Verandah) is also a semi transparent protective finish that not only penetrates into the timber but it also forms a protective coating on the surface for added protection. The tint helps to protect the timber from UV attack and will help maintain the timber colour for longer. Enviro Deck (Verandah) is ideal for using on new timber, timber that has retained its colour, or weathered timber whose colour can be revived by sanding back or by using Enviro Deck (Verandah) Wash.

Ribbed part of the decking has which is carved into it along the length of the timber. The grooves may be on one or both sides of the timber. Originally, the ribbed part of the decking were designed to be laid downwards to allow air movement around the joists they were laid onto to help prevent rotting. However, the Ribbed part of the decking are often laid upwards as many believe they stop slipping. This is not the case as grooves trap water and encourage the growth of algae which makes the surface more slippery. Coatings applied to Ribbed part of the deck have a shorter lifespan than those applied to smooth, un-Ribbed part of the decks or verandah.

Yes, if the timber has weathered and lost all water repellency (test by seeing if water still beads on the surface). The timber should then be cleaned with Enviro Deck (Verandah) Wash and Enviro Deck (Verandah) applied. If the timber is water repellent, the deck or verandah can be left to weather further (until it no longer water beads) or it can be sanded back.

No. DWD must be thoroughly removed back to bare timber. A combination of Intergrain Liquid 8 Paint Remover and power washing, or sanding is recommended. Then clean all timber with Intergrain Reviva Timber Cleaner closely following label instructions. Ensure surface is rinsed clean and allowed to thoroughly dry. Test if the surface is ready for coating by sprinkling water on the timber. If the water beads on the surface repeat the application of Enviro Deck Wash

If the timber is new then it is recommended that you wait approximately 4 to 6 weeks before preparing the deck or verandah with Enviro Deck Wash and then coating your deck or verandah with a decking Enviro Deck Coating. Tannin rich and oily timbers may require longer. Timber is ready for coating when all the tannins and oils have leeched from the timber. To speed up the weathering process, wash the deck or verandah as often as possible which will assist the leeching process. Decking can be made from a range of timber, for example Cypress Pine, Treated Pine, Blackbutt, Red or Grey Ironbark, White Mahogany, Spotted Gum, Tallow wood, Merbau, Kwila and Jarrah.

By using Enviro Deck Wash you can bring back the colour of the natural wood depending on the age of the timber. Enviro Deck Wash will remove dead grey fibres and any dirt, oils and tannins. Once the timber has dried, you’ll be able to apply Enviro Deck coating.

Yes, to ensure the timber is properly prepared for coating. When the timber is sanded the process draws out the natural oils that can sometimes create a waxy finish. This waxy finish can prevent the timber finishes from adhering properly. Washing with Enviro Deck Wash ensures that the timber is ready for coating.

Unfortunately, as screws cannot be punched in like nails, you will have to either remove and counter sink each screw.
Enviro-Deck oil Coating for timber surfaces